At Toast to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jackson

June 20, 2013  •  2 Comments

Andrew & Jessica

These two have built a life together & they marked a milestone this past May.  It didn't involve any horses which Jessica would have loved beyond measure.  It did involve a group of amazing friends and family coming together to witness the joining of these 2 lovely people and celebrate the happiest of occasions, their wedding day~

The hours leading up to the wedding are so much fun and this group of girls made it entertaining to say the least.







You can take the girls out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the girls! You can take the girls out of the country . . . 

well, you know.


Rain or shine, it just didn't matter.

She looked beautiful and he was waiting.

They would be the first to admit that hell must be empty because all the devils are right here.

The rainfalls of the midwest proceeded as did the wedding~

They did.


Seriously.  It was fun.  No honestly, it was really exciting.

I mean it, even Kylie was happy.

Dramatic . . . and happy.

Candy was eaten.  Dancing was done by all.  And the whole night rocked!

Grandma did indeed approve of the ring and all was well.


We, of course, love you both and wish you years of love, joy and peace.



(ok, maybe just one)

love you!




2.Georgette Lane(non-registered)
It was indeed an awesome event! Cheri you & your husband are the best! Having the Jackson/Lane clan unite makes for one hell of a family!
1.Cindy jackson(non-registered)
Yep! It happened just like that:) Great picture story telling, Cheri. Especially liked the part about the devils. Made me laugh out loud. All of the pictures were well done and a nice variety of them. Priceless!
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