A gift

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A Gift


To be a gift is no small thing but it is one of the  things I love the very most about being invited into someone's life for a moment.

So many times our photographs are a gift given from one person to another.

Many times they are a gift revealed to the very person in the images.

The honor never escapes Rick and I.

Sometimes we get a reminder that stops us and makes us literally bow our heads and thank God for the opportunity

we never imagined having.

It may be seeing the absolute perfection in a new born.

It may be standing along side a beautiful girl who is seeing the woman she is becoming for the first time.


A boy who never thought himself as cool as he does at this very moment~


It is the whisper between the shots that are so true and so sweet, you can't help but sharing so families

will see what we see when their eyes are only for each other.


It is the family or 4 that have asked us to walk through their lives with them

as their "photographers for life"



lucky, lucky us

*Becky Ellenwood's Lovely (beyond measure) Family*


But today, today . . . the gift was entirely for us.

When I picked up my phone to an unknown number,  

a woman simply said "thank you."  Her thank you turned into a conversation which blessed me beyond belief.

She had received a photograph of her family for her 70th birthday and was moved to tears.

It reminded me that God's gifts are perfect because they are perfecting.

 They often humble us, cause us to work harder than we could ever imagine and lead us to a place where faith is essential in our life.

And on a good day when I have a little clarity, I can throw my perfectionism out the window and accept sincerity, grace and mercy.  

I can accept gratitude in the very sweet way it was given.

And it was in her gratitude, she reminded me that the gift we have been given is to be given to others

for His glory and most certainly for our good.

Thank You.


Rick & Cheri



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