A Toast to Andy & Jessica~

January 10, 2013  •  1 Comment

America Gothic

(with a little bt flair)

Meet Andy & Jessica~

We have had the pleasure of knowing them for quite some time now and couldn't be more delighted in looking forward to

their wedding this summer.


Meeting a couple for the first time and deciding between the 4 of us that we are the perfect fit for their occasion 

is one of my favorite things.  In doing this at the beginning, it gives us the freedom to

celebrate our strengths and grow in our weaknesses.

We become better photographers and in the end great friends.

Strength = being willing to do (or climb) just about anything to capture a unique portrait.

Weakness = being, let's just say "intimidated" by large animals.

Quote, "The horses are just curious for the most part."  Jessica

Quote, "Ahhhhhhh"  Cheri

I love them . . . with Jessica close by.



When is the last time you felt this beautiful, this loved and this protected?


See you in May~






1.Georgette Lane(non-registered)
I would love a copy of the "American Gothic" picture of Jess & Andy. We can talk about it at the rehearsal! You are just an awesome photographer!
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