It will never be perfect~

November 13, 2012  •  2 Comments

Today this shall act as my confessional according to the book of James which tells me it is good to confess my sins to others.  I am a perfectionist.  I always have been.  I know I am not alone, however, I will not mention anyone by name.  There are pros and cons to being such a person.  A pro is that I expect a lot of myself and those around me which causes us to rise to the occasion of things we never knew we were capable of.  That in itself is exciting and the results are more times than not, nothing I have done myself but something the LORD has revealed.  I simply love that about him.  A con would have to be the fact that I like to keep things completely to myself until they are just right for presentation.  Ridiculous.  Life is messy.  We are busy.  We will never be at the point where everything is just right and life is ready to begin living perfectly.   No matter what my "agenda" may be, God is continually so good to us.  He is so faithful in bringing us opportunities to show His glory through the work of our hands.  He gets the glory, we get the blessing.  How very gracious.  


Today I am starting right smack dab in the middle of something wonderful. I have not written a blog or posted a picture in who knows how long.  The website is not complete but being worked on as we get the time.  Rick is still on the radio at 93.3 every day and tends to a million details behind the scenes.  You would never know that by talking to him.  He hides his chaos much better than me.   I work outside of our home 3- 4 days a week at Senara, a spa.  The irony is not missed.  We have 2 girls in college.  A son at Richwoods High School and a daughter in 7th grade at Concordia.  They are all different, artsy, dramatic, super fun and yet challenging just in the sheer number.  We just threw a surprise birthday party for our 13 year old this past weekend and we are exhausted but it was well worth it.  There is the writing of 20 7th graders all over our living room window and soda still stuck to the kitchen floor.  My washing machine sounds like a gorilla is living inside and  is fed up with the small space and is trying desperately to bust out.  Be still my OCD heart.  I will get to that in a minute.


For now I am confessing . . . I am a perfectionist and very little of this portrait looks perfect on the outside.  From inside it is perfectly crazy and perfectly manageable but only with a perfect God who strengthens us and gifts us with every good and perfecting gift.  We are healthy.  We have food in our refrigerator.  We have heat in our home which sleeps 6 in our own beds.  We are safe.  We have 2 cameras and through their lens God shows us something remarkable every time.  


Introducing Micah . . . a perfect example.




We have known Micah and his family for a long time.  I am always honored when asked to spend time with a friend's kid and to capture the images they will hold on to to remember this significant time in their lives.  It was a privilege to get to know Micah off of the soccer field.  He is quite fetching when he changes out of his jersey and into something a bit more classy.  His personality remains the same, however.

 He is interesting, a great conversationalist, encouraging and charming.


Micah will be heading to Wisconsin next fall to attend Concordia University.  

He will be missed by his friends and family but I know he will find crazy success and bring it back to Peoria.  He loves this place!

Thank you Micah~

I know girls, be still your heart (which I pray does not have OCD) . . . 


We will see you soon~







2.Denise Erdmann(non-registered)
What a great photographer to bring out such deep detail in pictures what God has carved in the heart of Micah.He does Rock as a young man for God.He is truly a blessing to all who meet and know him.He also has a great set of parents.
1.Scott & Joan Rauch(non-registered)
Thanks for the gift of your thoughts on Micah and the wonderful pictures. We so appreciate your family as well!
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